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PILOXING GIVES: Charity Event to Support the Flood Victims, December 4th 2021

On December 4th, 2021, GERMAN and SOUTH AFRICAN PILOXING Instructors Sabine Mergen, Yvonne Schäfer, Ralf Kunkel, Anthea Haupt, Alecia Nel-Monteiro joining forces in support of "Piloxing Charity Event to Support the Flood Victims" for the 4th time this year. Please read their message below:

The year comes to an end and with it the 4th and final event of our Piloxing® Charity Event Series to support the flood victims (see below for info on the first 3 events!). During the flood on July 14th/15th 2021 many lost everything - 185 people lost their lives.

So far our living rooms have become rock stages and PowerRobic studios. Chairs turned into Barres, our jabs hit imaginary targets and our booties became an uplift.

This time we’re back to the roots – with a Plus!
A Booty+ and again with amazing instructors. Yvonne, Ralf and Sabine are looking forward to again being supported by Anthea and Alecia from South Africa!

When? Saturday, December 4th at starting at 1:00 pm CET:
1:00 – 1:45 pm – Piloxing® SSP
1:50 – 2:35 pm – Piloxing® Booty+
2:40 – 3:10 pm – Stretch

To join this event we ask you for a voluntary donation – please add your name so we can link your donation with your registration. Please follow this donation link:

To register please follow this link:

After registration you’ll receive an email with all details of the event and the programs as well as the Zoom link. The donation link remains open till 31.12.2021 and of course we will keep you updated on the amount we’ve raised in total. The final amount will be transferred to the German Red Cross who have a specific account number for the flood victims. You like to know more? Please follow this link to the English page of the German Red Cross: https://www.drk.de/en/germany-floods/ 

Please feel free to share with family and friends!

See you in our living rooms!


On July 14th / 15th this year there was a terrible flood here in Germany. Houses, bridges, streets, cars were washed away leaving many with simply nothing. 185 people lost their lives.
It’ll take years to get the infrastructure back up and running. Donations will be needed not just now but for a longer time. The above video is just one village of many to give you an idea of what happened!

We – Yvonne Schäfer (SSP Elite Star, Barre & Booty Elite), Ralf Kunkel (SSP Elite) and I (Sabine Mergen, SSP Elite Star, Barre & Booty Elite) immediately we wanted to help.
We planned a Piloxing® Charity event series of 4 events starting on August 8th 2021. We connected with the other Elite Stars got support right away from Tania Ndlovu (MT South Africa) and Susi Küttner (SSP Elite Star Germany) for this first kick-off event. Susi is also a PowerRobic instructor so we thought of adding that once too.

Ralf is also working at his local fire station being responsible for coordinating help in exactly such crises as the flood. He connected with the Red Cross where our donation will go to as they have a specific account for the flood victims.

The first event was Piloxing® with SSP, Barre and Booty. It was quite a success where we raised 550 €.

With the 2nd Event on September 18th the motto was Piloxing® meets POUND®. Since I, Sabine am also a Pound® Pro I asked some friends and Tour Crew members from POUND® who happily confirmed to help. We finished the event with almost 800 €.

Our 3rd event took place on October 16th.
We had a great Mashup of Piloxing® SSP and Barre before Susi and her team, who were already part of our 1st event took over with PowerRobic. We had a blast and are up to 1.000€ by now.




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