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Congratulations Anthea for Passing our Elite Instructor Exam!

We would like to officially congratulate our Piloxing Instructor Anthea Haupt from South Africa on passing our ELITE Exam! We are so proud of you!

Here a few words from our PILOXING GIVES Mentorship Program Mentee:

"On the 31st Jan 2021, I completed my instructor training via the PILOXING ® Gives program with SA Master Trainer, Tania Ndlovu.

With the pandemic sweeping across South Africa in unpredictable waves, facilities have been disallowing group activities. In-person classes have been off the table within the community
.... Thank goodness for the online option! I have been teaching 3 to 4 online classes a week. I am extremely proud of each and every participants' dedication and desire to lead a more active lifestyle 😊

A HUGE thank you to Tania for your dedication, your guidance and always providing constructive feedback!

The nerves were building up to the live online Piloxing ® Elite audition. Form, transitioning, cueing techniques would all be closely monitored with the use of a point system.

As a first time instructor (... Also not the youngest, but age will not defy me) , being a certified Elite instructor is huge. I am grateful to PILOXING ® for affording me the opportunity to be part of this amazing program.
I am very excited about the next phase of my PILOXING ® journey and taking it to the next level! 💥🥊🩰🩰💃"

Anthea Haupt

Learn more about our Mentorship Program HERE


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