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PILOXING GIVES: Africa Asks 4 Angels

During these crazy times, the fact that fitness has moved online has made it possible for people, "Angels", to come together to help those in need.  I'm so grateful that I can use my platform, along with my fellow Master Trainers, to help people get fit & healthy while raising money for those who need an angel

In the spirit of Nelson Mandela, who fought for freedom and equality, we want to put his words into practice, "take action and inspire change!"  He believed that "Everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better!"  

We are asking you to help by attending these Piloxing events and donating to our Angel Fund. This fund will give to various causes in South Africa based on their need at that time.  We understand times are tough right now so there is no minimum donation.  Please donate what you can and know that even $1 will feed a child in South Africa.  Every little bit will make a big difference!

Visit our GoFundMe Page to Support!

EVENT #1: we are kicking off our fundraising efforts on Mandela's Birthday!


Join us for a FREE 45 minute class followed by a stretch session. Master Class will be taught by Tania Ndlovu with Elite Star Instructor Sabine Mergen of Germany; Elite Star Instructor Yvonne Schäfer of Germany and Elite Star Instructor Alecia Nel-Monteiro of South Africa.

Sunday 18 July 2021
Time:  4pm CET

It is a free class, but registration for the class is required.

Register for Class

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

EVENT #2 - Our MAIN fundraising Event will be held in September 2021 - more information coming soon!

The kind of charitable causes the Angel Fund will support are the following initiatives that are close to my heart:
  • Santa Shoe Box (Wellington South Africa) - 2020 saw 700 boxes being pledged but only about 430 kids received those boxes which meant that about 300 kids didn’t get a gift box last year.  For many, this is the highlight of their year so we would like to help them top up any shortfalls for 2021-
  • Nourish the Children - all it takes is R192 (which is about $14; 12 euro) to feed a child for a month.  Let's see how many kids we are able to feed?
  • Small Business Relief - so many small businesses have had to shut down due to Covid as they have not been able to sustain themselves/staff when we were in lockdown and many times these small businesses were the only source of income for many families.
  • Helping Hands - this one is for the Mom who had a car accident and cannot work to feed her family; for the child who has a incurable disease that needs tests done; for the father who lost his wife and needs help with cooked meals

Visit our GoFundMe Page to Support!




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