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About Viveca Jensen

Viveca Jensen is a Swedish born world-renowned fitness expert and award winning presenter.

She is a professional dancer with a degree from the internationally renowned Stockholm Ballet Academy and later studied under Billy Goodson in Los Angeles. Her dance career spanned commercial dance, hip hop, jazz, musicals, commercials, industrials, music videos, and concert tours.

Viveca started her fitness career as an aerobics instructor teaching weekly classes in health clubs and at Paramount Film Studios. She instantly fell in love with group fitness and it loved her back. Her classes were always full and always fun.

Viveca holds a Master Level Certification in Pilates and learned her skills straight from the lineage of Joseph H. Pilates himself. She has since developed her own Pilates method incorporating her expertise in dance and trains celebrities, athletes and fitness enthusiasts in her exclusive Pilates studio in LA. Viveca also offers Pilates certifications to instructors in her unique method.

Viveca’s passion for boxing started when she was very young. She loves the power, strength and focus that boxing brings. She now trains regularly with an International Championship boxing coach and considers it her meditation and a must.

In 2009, Viveca combined her three favorite exercises – Pilates, Boxing and dance - into one unique, effective and fun workout. Her mission was to empower people – both physically and mentally. She had the winning formula — the PILOXING workout was born.

In 2008 she opened the PILOXING studio in Los Angles which was an instant hit and in 2009 she founded the Piloxing Academy to educate fitness instructors in the Piloxing format. Since, then more than 20,000 instructors have been certified in one or more of Viveca’s four group fitness formats and her company is an international leader in group fitness programming and licensing. Viveca has spent the past four decades sharing her passion to lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire greatness in people. Sharing this passion has changed thousands of lives.