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67 Second Flatback 2nd MandelaDay Challenge

Today Sunday, July 18th, is the Nelson Mandela International Day, a global Call-to-Action celebrating the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world and make a lasting impact.⁣
Are YOU ready to join our 67 Second FlatBack 2nd Challenge?!
see below for details

Last year, our PILOXING community celebrated this day with a 67 second FlatBack 2nd Challenge in recognition of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela fought for social justice.

This day was also our first step towards our PILOXING GIVES Mentorship Program, a program established to 'Give Back' to our community, and an opportunity for those from underserved, previously disadvantaged and currently disadvantaged communities to start and create a career for themselves in fitness. It is an outreach program that gives willing, passionate and motivated individuals an opportunity to become Piloxing® instructors. Learn more from some of our mentors and mentees from this past year HERE!

This year we are inviting you once again to join us in our 67 Second Flatback 2nd Challenge! Help us and our Piloxing community spread awareness, raise funds and get involved!

Film yourself holding a FLAT BACK 2nd position for 67 seconds, then post it on IG and/or Facebook and:
You have a whole week to film and post! We will be sharing your posts in our Piloxing stories!

67 sec countdown mandeladayDo you want to add our 67 second digital countdown to your video?! Click HERE to download! (not a requirement)

Are YOU a PILOXING instructor that wants to help change someones life? Learn more about how you can become a PILOXING GIVES Mentor!

Do you know of any future instructors who meet the above criteria? Do you yourself do any outreach in underserved communities, and could you pass this along to a community leader? Maybe you meet the above criteria for applying to become a mentee? Learn more about becoming a PILOXING GIVES Mentee!


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