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PILOXING GIVES: Singapore Master Class for Aniq


On March 8th, 2020, PILOXING Senior Master Trainer Rasidah Caudal and the Piloxing Singapore Team arranged a PILOXING Master Class on "Women's Day" to raise funds for Muhammad Aniq Bin Muhammad Ridhwan, a ten year old boy who was diagnosed with intracranial bleeding. Together PILOXING Singapore, including PILOXING instructors and class participants, raised 20,020 SGD (approx $14,800 USD) for Aniq's family.

We could not be more proud of our Singapore Piloxing community for being rainbows to so many Singaporeans in need. 🌈💕

Singapore Cares March 8 2020

Do you want to be a rainbow in someone else's life? Below are Rasidah's few simple steps. Be inspired and see how YOU too can organize your own PILOXING GIVES event, and join in on our PILOXING GIVES Month!

  1. Identify the recipients of your event: who and where in your local community can you support?
  2. Who is your team? Rasidah is a PILOXING Master Trainer and she connected with her local PILOXING instructors to organize her event. If you are an instructor, you could team up with other local PILOXING instructors, instructor colleagues at your gym, or maybe it is just you and your PILOXING class participants! 
  3. What are you collecting / donating? Rasidah with team decided to raise funds for a single family in need. Make your decision base on who/whom your are supporting, maybe your recipients are in need of something else?! Or maybe you are simple raising money for a local charity! The options are endless!
  4. Who are you asking for donations? For this event, Rasidah and local instructors promoted their event to their local PILOXING community; including instructors, class participants, volunteers and friends asking them to donate the items in need! Get your local community involved - maybe it is a member of the gym where you teach?
  5. What were the steps to make this event happen?
    1. A poster was made advertising the Piloxing Fundraiser Masterclass for Aniq, and announcing that all proceeds would be donated to the family.
    2. A 2 hour Piloxing Fundraiser Masterclass was conducted by Senior Master Trainer Rasidah Caudal and her team at Dance on Us Studio. There was also a personal video greeting from PILOXING Founder Viveca Jensen.
    3. They prepared a Get Well Card on which the participants of the Piloxing Fundraiser Masterclass had the option to write a heartfelt messages to Aniq and his family.
    4. Rasidah and a group of instructors visited Aniq and his family at the hospital to hand over the card and the check for 20,020 SGD (approx $14,800 USD)




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