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Reach your fitness goals without over working your body and risking injury.

Strengthen, tone, improve flexibility and well-being in a workout that feels good for the body and soul.

‘[Joseph] Pilates passionately believed that if his methods were universally adopted and taught in America’s educational institutions, every facet of life – from the individual to the societal – would be improved’ Pilates Method Alliance


Pilates believed that applying his methods and techniques would lead to a mentally and physically healthier society overall. We agree, and we want to carry on his mission by providing access to the life-changing benefits of his method. Mat Pilates classes, when done correctly, can be more challenging and effective than any private lesson on the apparatus, and can improve every aspect of one’s life. But becoming a mat Pilates instructor is expensive. Putting together your mat Pilates classes without guidance is overwhelming. That is why we are doing the work for you. 

PILATES FLOW is not only a group fitness class but also suitable for one-on-one private or small group training.

We have over 40 years of combined education and experience, we know what challenges instructors face, and we have the solution! This program will not only comprehensively educate you in the Pilates technique and mat exercises; it designs your classes for you! We’ve done the hard work to create unique Class Flows that maximize time, and give your clients the experience and results that truly change their lives. The combination of exercises and joint mobility stretches mean that this class is truly for everyone - it is safe for all ages, stages of life and levels of ability. We know. We’ve been doing this for decades.

We are committed to making Pilates affordable for everyone, see below for pricing and promotions. Learn more >>>















All Level Mat Pilates Comprehensive Workshop Details

Most Mat certifications cost $1500-2000 plus additional $350+ to take the final exam. In addition to a high financial burden, Pilates Mat certifications require a big time commitment. The typical certification requires several full or partial day education sessions (upwards of 30 in-person hours) and hours of observation and teaching to pass.

We are dedicated to making PILATES certifications more affordable and time efficient for all. The PILATES FLOW by PILOXING Mat Pilates certification is a one day in-person education workshop with a self-study component. In this all level (beginner to advanced) course you learn everything you need to know to confidently begin teaching this Mat Pilates format during your one-day training and self-studies. It will teach you the foundation of the mat exercises with a heavy focus on technique and cueing. You will learn the rationale behind the methodology of Joseph Pilates’ Contrology, as well as ‘why’ we perform each movement in a precise way to get the best results.

Your small course fee of $445 (early bird pricing available) includes:

  • A photographic and video comprehensive online training manual pertaining to PILATES FLOW by PILOXING® Mat Module #1
  • A one day in-person training with a PILATES FLOW by PILOXING® Master Trainer who has undergone a rigorous intensive Pilates Flow training certification with PILOXING® Founders Viveca Jensen and Cortney Gornall
  • An assessment-based PILATES FLOW by PILOXING Mat Pilates certificate of completion upon passing necessary test-out requirements. Fees are inclusive of the administrative and testing fees.
  • Mandatory enrollment into our Piloxing Instructor Association (PIA) (additional fees required) membership program where we will provide you with continuing education throughout year. Each month we give you online access to a new Advanced Module including video education, exercises, pre-formatted sequences and/or classes. You receive Module #1 during the in-person training and by the end of one year you will have access to Modules 1-13. There is no in-person component or test out to complete Modules 2-13. 

Confidentially start teaching group, private or semi-private classes as soon as you feel ready after your self-study and one-day training with the Module 1 content. Module 1 includes:

  • Multiple Mat Pilates exercises and exercise sequences from foundational to advanced level
  • Anatomy as it relates to teaching mat Pilates Flow exercises 
  • A full 60 minute class that you can memorize if you prefer not to put your own classes together using the exercises or sequences provided
  • International Pilates foundational principles and concepts through movement


  • 2-day training including live (virtual or in-person) workshop and self-study culminating in a written and presentation final exams
  • Lecture and lab portions are interactive and visually differentiated 
  • Digital manual for reference pre-course, during and post-course 
  • Perform and teach exercises, interacting with Certified Master Pilates Flow Instructors and other students 



  • AFAA 15.0 CECs / NASM 1.5 CECs / ACE 1.6 CECs Approved
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  • Digital Instructor Training Manual
  • Official certificate establishing your status as a licensed instructor
  • Upon completion of the course automatic mandatory enrollment in the PIA (Piloxing Instructor Association) (additional fees apply)
  • New content released Monthly via MODULES.
  • By completing the instructor training course you will have completed MODULE 1 and you will be a PILATES FLOW by PILOXING FOUNDATION LEVEL Instructor. By completion of MODULES 2-4 you will accomplish INTERMEDIATE LEVEL and so on. (See graph to learn how your skills will be advanced as you progress through the MODULES and LEVELS)
  • MODULE releases will include either NEW Exercises, Sequence, Classes, Flows or some combination of these 4. We will build your library progressing and building on the skills learned in the previous Modules.
  • There will be no LIVE component or test out required to complete a Module or advance a Level.
  • Remaining active in your PIA membership will allow you to automatically access the new monthly content and expand your skill set as you continue to climb your way to PRO LEVEL.
  • Specialty trainings for PRO level instructors will be held by The PILOXING Academy Headquarters

Meet Our Founders


Viveca headshot

Viveca Jensen is a Swedish born world-renowned fitness expert, award winning presenter and co-founder of PILOXING Academy LLC.

She is a professional dancer with a degree from the internationally renowned Stockholm Ballet Academy and later studied under Billy Goodson in Los Angeles. Her dance career spanned commercial dance, hip hop, jazz, musicals, commercials, industrials, music videos, and concert tours.

Viveca started her fitness career as an aerobics instructor teaching weekly classes in health clubs and at Paramount Film Studios. She instantly fell in love with group fitness and it loved her back. Her classes were always full and always fun.

Viveca holds a certification in International Pilates and learned her skills straight from the lineage of Joseph H. Pilates himself studying under Ivon Dahl, 2nd generation Master Pilates Instructor.  She has since developed her own Pilates method incorporating her expertise in dance and trains celebrities, athletes and fitness enthusiasts in her exclusive Pilates studio, V Pilates Fit Lab,  in LA for the past 22 years. Viveca also offers Pilates certifications to instructors in her unique method.

In 2009, Viveca combined her three favorite exercises – Pilates, Boxing and dance - into one unique, effective and fun workout. Her mission was to empower people – both physically and mentally. She had the winning formula — the PILOXING workout was born.

In 2008 she opened the PILOXING studio in Los Angeles which was an instant hit and in 2009 she founded the Piloxing Academy to educate fitness instructors in the Piloxing format. Since, then more than 25,000 instructors have been certified in one or more of Viveca’s four group fitness formats and her company is an international leader in group fitness programming and licensing. Viveca has spent the past four decades sharing her passion to lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire greatness in people. Sharing this passion has changed thousands of lives.

Client Testimonials

"I have had the privilege of having Viveca as my Pilates trainer for over 12 years. Since I moved away from LA about 2.5 years ago, we’ve been training together over zoom and I am so thankful for that. Viveca has an incredible knowledge and intuition about what your body needs, and working with her doesn’t only make you physically strong but also keeps you in a positive mindset. I am 44 and have never felt stronger or happier in my body. Viveca challenges me and always keeps me motivated. She’s the best!" ~ Mini Anden (Supermodel)

"I have been training with Viveca for close to 20 years and she has literally changed my life. From my mid 30’s, through my 40’s and now into my 50’s Viveca has helped me build strength, flexibility, and grace. The result has been not only physical transformation but also developing a new level of confidence from the inside out. And even after 20 years, Viveca continually challenges me, helps me grow and pushes me in ways that make me stronger than ever." ~ Meilan Stark




Cortney Gornall is a Pilates and fitness expert and co-founder of PILOXING Academy LLC.

A native of Ohio, Cortney exhibited a natural athletic ability and astute body awareness in childhood. Growing up she distinguished herself as a competitive cheerleader gymnast and tap and jazz dancer. Her love of fitness and sports led her to study at Ohio State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Upon graduation Cortney moved to Los Angeles and joined Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center where specialized in treating patients suffering from strokes as well as brain, spinal cord orthopedic injuries.

In 2002 after an injury of her own Cortney was introduced to Pilates and V Pilates Fit Lab studio owner and PILOXING creator Viveca Jensen. Cortney instantly fell in love with everything that Pilates stood for and after practicing personally for two years she decided to study under Ivon Dahl, 2nd generation Master Pilates Instructor, and become a certified International Pilates Instructor. For the last 20 years Cortney has been training clients at V Pilates Fit Lab. She uses her Occupational Therapy knowledge and experience combined with Pilates to help her clients not only lose weight tone and increase flexibility but also to reduce pain create balance and improve body awareness.

Cortney is co-founder of the PILOXING Academy LCC and has played a vital role in the development of the PILOXING programs and is the Senior Master Instructor at the PILOXING Academy. As President of Education, Cortney is actively involved in scouting training and supporting PILOXING Master Trainers and instructors all over the world.

Client Testimonials

"Cortney has been my personal Pilates trainer once a week for 17 years.  During that time she has made every session unique, challenging and created to be appropriate for my condition at the time.  I give Cortney a lot of credit for keeping an 83 year old man as healthy and active as I am." ~ Jerry Whitman

"Cortney has trained me for 16 years and continues to challenge me to do what I didn’t realize was possible. She has helped me remain flexible into my 60’s and improve my performance. I look forward to our sessions and value her expertise." ~ Joyce Ayoob