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PILOXING GIVES is a program established to support and GIVE BACK to our communities worldwide. With this program, we hope to create opportunities where they didn't exist before, and to empower and inspire the next generation of fitness instructors and leaders in communities everywhere. 
Learn more about our two
PILOXING GIVES initiatives:

Mentorship Program | Give Back Events


Give Back Events

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first annual PILOXING Gives MONTH! This November, we are dedicated the entire month to GIVING - or as Maya Angelou says:  'Be a rainbow in someone's cloud...' 🙌💖
Our instructors inspire people daily around the world. Now, we hope to inspire you to use this month as an opportunity to get involved with your local communities - to find people or areas that are in need of some help, some joy or some time, and be their rainbow. We will also take time to highlight the amazing work that so many are already doing across the globe. 
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Mentorship Program

The Piloxing® Gives Mentorship program is an opportunity for those from underserved, previously disadvantaged and currently disadvantaged communities to start and create a career for themselves in fitness. It is an outreach program that gives willing, passionate and motivated individuals an opportunity to become Piloxing® instructors. Learn more about how to join our Mentorship program 

Are YOU a PILOXING instructor that wants to help change someone's life?
The core of the Piloxing® Gives program is our Mentors. They are the ones that ensure that our recipients have the support they need to successfully start teaching and make fitness a career that can help change their lives on both a personal and professional level. Learn more about how to become a MENTOR