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Workouts for everyone, at every level, everywhere


The groundbreaking original workout that put Piloxing® on the map worldwide. SSP, like all of our programs, is a fusion cardio workout. Combining boxing, pilates, and dance, this workout leaves your knees weak, but your pulse strong. More


The ballet workout with the boxing component. It’s not your average barre workout, as we’ve added cardio and lots of arm work. Focusing on flexibility and muscle tone, our punched up Barre program is high-energy, yet low-impact. More


The full-body workout with the body as a weight. A favorite of people who like to work out every muscle in their body in one go, Knockout blends floor, standing, and jumping exercises to increase strength, stamina, and power. More

programs-mixThe Mix

The dynamic dance workout inspired by the legendary Los Angeles dance scene. While The Mix is cardio-heavy by nature, the sole focus is on having fun and being carefree. You don’t need perfect rhythm or moves, just a love of moving. More



It’s called PILOXING Booty and it’s going to change everything. Think you know how to work the booty? Think again. Think you’ve done a killer butt workout? Think. Again. That a$$et of yours isn’t just a fave body part, it is the biggest muscle in your entire body! And we don’t want to make it smaller, ladies. We love the female body and we want to emphasize it – lift it, plump it, tighten it, strengthen it, shape it, burn it… CELEBRATE! IT! More