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Everything You Need to Know About PILOXING

PILOXING is the unconventional trailblazer redefining fitness, with over 1.5 million daily participants in over 92 countries. Started by Viveca Jensen, co-founders Cortney Gornall and Natasha Belroth in 2009, PILOXING combines the fundamental principles of Pilates with the power and strength of boxing, and if that’s not fun enough—it’s got dancing, too! Over time, the PILOXING academy added classes such as PILOXING Knockout, which added a plyometrics flare to the traditional Boxing + Pilates SSP class, PILOXING Barre, which incorporates a ballet barre for stability, and recently The MIX by PILOXING, a hip hop dance workout class. The PILOXING academy inspires to change bodies and minds through fitness.

With her background as a trained dancer, a Master in Pilates (she learned her skills from the lineage of Joseph H. Pilates!), and training under a Championship boxing coach,Viveca Jensen’s mission is to “to physically and mentally empower individuals through fitness.” She does this with her winning PILOXING formula: combining her three favorite exercises into ONE effective and fun workout. Viveca aims to motivate and empower others through fitness by combining Pilates, boxing, and dance into one empowering group fitness class.

Learn about each individual PILOXING workout below, and get a peek at what some of these fitness classes look like in action! 


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It all started with PILOXING SSP, the original fusion format that made PILOXING a worldwide success. This unique blend of the sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movements, the heart-pumping and powerful boxing combinations, and the “let yourself GO” dance releases makes for a unique group fitness class that combines three of the most IN DEMAND classes into ONE.


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In 2014, following the smashing success of PILOXING SSP, PILOXING launched PILOXING BARRE, which holds the same fundamental principles as PILOXING (Pilates and Boxing) but in this game changing program, PILOXING goes to the BARRE! The ballet barre is used for balance and stability as you lengthen, strengthen and box your heart out. The barre is used as a tool for external support AND resistance, and leads to better body balance, deep muscle engagement and stronger, healthier joints.



PILOXING KNOCKOUT, a 30 minute, plyometrics inspired workout, debuted in 2015. Plyometrics (jumping), sports conditioning drills, and the fundamentals of PILOXING are combined in this fierce group fitness class. Knockout is a program that suits individuals of all fitness levels, as the impact of plyometrics and sports drills is safely experienced and significantly reduced by Pilates principles. KNOCKOUT will increase your fitness level, boost your confidence and strength, break boundaries and GAIN RESULTS.



The fourth program was introduced in January 2018.THE MIX is a cardio-dance program inspired by the commercial dance scene of LA. Commercial dance is all about captivating the audience—it’s hip hop and jazz dance styles are compelling, sexy, and most importantly, entertaining. This program is for all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds—and is sure to have you addicted from the first beat. Move with the frequency and play with the tracks. Get in THE MIX!




The fifth and latest program launched in January of 2020, It’s called PILOXING Booty and it’s going to change everything. Think you know how to work the booty? Think again. Think you’ve done a killer butt workout? Think. Again. That a$$et of yours isn’t just a fave body part, it is the biggest muscle in your entire body! And we don’t want to make it smaller, ladies. We love the female body and we want to emphasize it – lift it, plump it, tighten it, strengthen it, shape it, burn it… CELEBRATE! IT!





In May of 2010, PILOXING launched the PILOXING Academy in order to educate and license fitness professionals to teach the PILOXING fitness programs. Since then the Academy has certified thousands of instructors in over 80 countries around the world, truly making PILOXING’s mission of being a cutting edge Academy of Education to the fitness industry a reality.


At the core of every PILOXING program is the idea that each individual can become physically and mentally stronger and more confident in their daily lives through fitness. Each participant in a PILOXING class should feel empowered, powerful, and that they can attain the self-image that they want by taking care of their health. Viveca Jensen’s passion to lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire greatness in people is what drove her to start the PILOXING movement. Sharing this passion has changed thousands of lives worldwide.

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