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6 Reasons to Become a Group Fitness Instructor and Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Everyone loves a good group fitness class—and the rise of group workout classes is changing the face of the fitness industry. Group exercise allows us to get together with others in a fun and social environment, taking charge of our health and fitness in new and exciting ways each week.

People want a personalized experience, and individuals, especially millennials, are becoming increasingly focused on leading a healthy lifestyle. Group fitness has evolved to cater to these wants—whether it’s spin class, yoga, HIIT, pilates, boxing, or Crossfit.

Have you ever been in a group fitness class, synced up with  your instructor’s movements, and thought, “I could do this!”?  Becoming a fitness instructor for a group fitness class like one of the PILOXING programs is incredibly rewarding and fun. Instructing a class pushes your own workout to the next level and comes with a few personal rewards, including:


Reach others to truly help make their workout their mission

Becoming a group fitness instructor allows you to reach TONS of new people in your class environment. This not only allows you to meet many like-minded, fitness-loving individuals, but it also gives you the opportunity  to make a positive impact on others’ fitness and overall well-being. People attending your workout class are there to make positive changes in their lives, and it feels AMAZING to be a part of that.


Create classes that are new, fun, and different to create impactful experiences with your class participants

Many group fitness classes don’t allow for creativity, and participants end up doing the same thing every single week. We’ve all been there—you’re in class and suddenly realize you have memorized the routine, you’ve heard the same song 82 times, and you’re BORED! However, when YOU are the instructor, you’re in charge of keeping those routines new and interesting for your participants.

Plus, as a PILOXING Instructor you receive PILOXING music, streamable digital instructor training choreography, and you become eligible to join PIA (Piloxing Instructor Association). PIA members receive new music quarterly on the NEW, downloadable Powermusic app, and have access to a huge library of music that they can customize for their OWN playlists! Not to mention new choreo for THE MIX every two weeks, and a new streamable class for Piloxing SSP, Knock Out, and Barre every quarter.


See tangible results of your work with your participants (and likely, yourself)

As a group fitness instructor, you get to see firsthand the results that your classes are delivering to your clients. You are there to support and guide your class members through potentially life-changing transformations, and help motivate others to feel as good as you do!

Often times, a person signs up for a group fitness course because they want to make a healthy lifestyle change. Whether it’s to lose some extra weight, become more flexible, learn new techniques, or just to feel more confident, you are there for your class participants as a leader in fitness and in life.



You get to work out while you work, and make a difference in people’s lives

Becoming a group fitness instructor ensures that you’re working out on a regular basis—no sleeping in and skipping morning class when you’re the teacher! In addition to getting your workout in while teaching your class, you still have plenty of time to take other classes as a student instead of the instructor, furthering your own fitness, and learning additional techniques from other instructors. Think of taking additional group fitness courses as research that also happens to make you look and feel amazing!

You also get the opportunity to feel GOOD about yourself as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. You are a motivational leader, and you have a responsibility to help each one of your clients reach their goals, becoming their cheerleader. This is an incredible mood boost—and let’s be honest, no one feels like a  cheerleader every day. But when your job is to lead these clients, and your enthusiasm and energy is UP, UP, UP during your class, this feeling sticks with you all day. Not only are you improving the minds and bodies of your clients, you’re improving your own mind and body by helping others.


You get the opportunity to further your fitness education, and your career

As a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, you get to learn a deeper understanding of body movement. PILOXING instructors learn a basic understanding and application of physiology, biomechanics, and anatomy principles. Instructors also receive AFAA, ACE, canfitpro, REPs and Australia Fitness credits during their 9 hour, hands on PILOXING Instructor Training workshop!

Typically, fitness instructors receive discounts on further training and certifications, allowing them to advance their personal trainer or group fitness instructor career. PIA members get 20% off additional PILOXING licenses and certifications, and 65% off refresher courses to stay updated on all things PILOXING. PIA members also get access to articles and educational materials, through the PIA online community. As PILOXING Instructors, we are the experts, and it’s important to constantly be learning and expanding upon your fitness knowledge.

If personal training or group fitness instructing isn’t your full-time gig, adding these certifications and skills is still an amazing resume booster—it shows that you have diverse interests and talents, and that you have the drive to further your education in something. Teaching your own fitness class is also great for those public speaking skills!


Combine and share your love of dance, boxing, teaching, and/or pilates into one fun workout for your participants

If you come from a dance, boxing, pilates, or any other fitness or teaching background, becoming a group fitness instructor is the obvious next step! With PILOXING, you can combine ALL of these into one fun workout you get to share with your participants.



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