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It’s called PILOXING Booty and it’s going to change everything. Think you know how to work the booty? Think again. Think you’ve done a killer butt workout? Think. Again. That a$$et of yours isn’t just a fave body part, it is the biggest muscle in your entire body! And we don’t want to make it smaller, ladies. We love the female body and we want to emphasize it – lift it, plump it, tighten it, strengthen it, shape it, burn it… CELEBRATE! IT!

We’ve always worked that booty because we’ve always understood its importance. Now others are catching on, so we did what we do best – created a game-changing, body-changing program. No going to the gym, no machines or pricey personal trainers or fake nonsense – enough of that. You + PILOXING Booty. 100% Real. 

The Workout

PILOXING® Booty is a concentrated workout focused on developing and toning your glutes to stabilize and strengthen your body. Always endeavoring to empower women, this new posterior program is no exception. With a focus shift from cardio to targeted muscle work, PILOXING® Booty celebrates the female body by lifting, strengthening and defining that backside. This stand alone group fitness program is a 30-minute, song based, pre-choreographed workout with solo/partner exercise 'series'.To deepen the burn and build true strength and shape, from the inside out, we incorporate the use of our signature PILOXING Booty (PB) Power Bands (2 different resistance strengths) and a unique Grip Pad. You will target the glutes from multiple planes (standing, hands and knees, lying on your back or side and more) which will allow for a full body experience. We can't isolate those glutes without involving our core stabilizers and the assisting muscles like your quads and hamstrings. And to finish the class, let's not forget to mention the highly effective combination of stretches to release and elongate those beautiful muscles.

The Results

Thanks to the PILOXING® Booty program, you’ll start noticing stronger glute muscles that stabilize your pelvis and maintain proper movement with your hips. This will also help increase flexibility, mobility, and balance. If that wasn’t enough, your stronger glute muscles will also minimize the risk for injuries and improve body alignment when partaking in other athletic activities such as running, lifting, or playing sports. This program will leave you feeling more confident in your curves and your body—all while being supported by an empowering community of class participants and instructors.

And if that isn't enough, we offer an Add-on Program - PILOXING Booty+

SAY WHAT?? PILOXING BOOTY+ is the add-on program of your dreams, repurposing those BOOTY Bands to sculpt the arms, abs and everything in-between. Grab your bands and get your ARMS and ABS ready for this 🔥 because it ain't just BOOTY anymore, it is Booty... PLUS! Exclusively available to licensed PILOXING Booty instructors.