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Marcelle 2I wanted to introduce myself with 15 facts about me in which anyone can relate that being told “no,”  is easy to accept, but challenging and overcoming those negatives develops us into stronger, independent, and inspirational individuals.

1- Marcelle Zagami, I was born ‪on August 22‬ on the outskirts of Byblos, Lebanon—one of oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.
2- I lost one brother during childhood, but I have two amazing brothers and one lovely-cherished sister.
3- Our family grew up during the Lebanese Civil War; we incurred loss of family, friends, and our homes.
4- In order to provide a better life and way of financial support, my father immigrated to Canada.
‪5-  At 16 years old, I accepted my first job offer as a lifeguard.‬
6- When I was told that martial arts was for boys, I joined Tae Kwon Do.  Years later, I won several gold medals,  to include the 1999 Tae Kwon Do Arab Championship.
7- I was a paramedic with the Lebanese Red Cross.
8- As a paramedic I saved hundreds of lives during wars, terrorist attacks, car accidents, plane crash... Some I am honored to call now friends.
9- I was the first female ambulance driver in my region.
10- I learned to read and write English watching Hollywood movies; today, I speak, read and write four (4) languages.
11- I earned an undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education and physical education.
12- I have worked in the fitness industry for 17 years.
13- I certified instructors around the world and was a presenter in multiple world fitness conventions.
14- I traveled to 55 countries, and lived in Nova Scotia, Canada; Washington DC; Conakry, Guinea; Honolulu, HI; and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
15- I dream big and follow my heart—two of which are my husband and my Fuzz Ball Dog, named Noor.
Today, I, like my husband work for the U.S. government.  I continue in the fitness industry and strive to find new ways to challenge myself and my students.  From the young girl who fell in love with physical fitness, I’m now a PILOXING Master Trainer and the Workshop Coordinator for the Middle East and Africa.

Marcelle 3

Thank you @hibako1 @christian.manasci @andrewaaf for sharing your experience with our community despite everything you have been through. We are happy you are still with us and our condolences go to the people who lost their loved ones. I salute you all for your strength and faith.
Piloxing Community, please join us tomorrow Saturday, August 22 at 3pm Beirut time for a Piloxing SSP class with myself, South Africa Master Trainer @piloxingsouthafrica , Elite Star instructors @anitapiloxing from Austria and @piloxing_with_jeni_lim from Singapore.
You will find the GoFundMe link in the Bio.

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