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The Piloxing® Gives program is an opportunity for those from underserved, previously disadvantaged and currently disadvantaged communities to start and create a career for themselves in fitness. It is an outreach program that gives willing, passionate and motivated individuals an opportunity to become Piloxing® instructors.
This program offer a solid support foundation of; Mentors to inspire, access to a Master Trainer to perfect, and a support system of other professionals who will help you not only to become an instructor, but to create a path that will result in an income, further empowerment of your own community and your personal growth. This is an open door when all others have closed, it is empowerment not only in the professional sense, but also in the physical, resulting in positive growth in emotion and soul.
Become a PILOXING GIVES Mentee

Approved recipients will receive the following SUPPORT from the PILOXING Academy:

One (1) free Instructor Training Workshop Registration
One (1) year free PIA (Piloxing Instructor Association)
One (1) year of mentorship by local Piloxing instructor
One (1) free Piloxing ELITE application
Approved recipients COMMIT to:

Attend Scholarship Orientation Meeting
Attend monthly mentorship meetings
Respond to weekly check-ins with mentor
Take the instructor training workshop within 3 month of being accepted into the program
Prepare and start teaching classes within 3 months of completing the instructor training workshop
Attend an Elite Evaluation by local Master Trainer within 6 months of starting to teach classes
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Become a PILOXING GIVES Mentor
Are YOU a PILOXING instructor that wants to help change someone's life?
The core of the Piloxing® Gives program is our Mentors. They are the ones that ensure that our recipients have the support they need to successfully start teaching and make fitness a career that can help change their lives on both a personal and professional level.
Being a mentor provides an extremely important transfer of knowledge and support, as well as a sounding board for our recipients so that they can learn from past experience, and make better decisions in similar scenarios. As a Mentor you have the opportunity to share your passion for PILOXING and your experience with everything that comes with teaching a fitness class!

Become a Mentor?
To be a mentor, it's essential to have experience in the area you are mentoring someone in, in this case teaching PILOXING classes. To provide good support, you have to have experience, learned from practice and applied the same principles yourself. But most important is your willingness and passion to support a fellow human on their journey to become a Piloxing instructor! 
As a mentor it's also important to have people skills. Sometimes, you just need to be a coach. Other times, you have to be a listener and, sometimes, a source of practiced wisdom on how to avoid mistakes. To know which approach is the best, you have to be able to discuss the situation with the mentee and choose the best path forward to develop that person's skills and careers.
Qualities of a good mentor:
  • Ability and willingness to communicate what you know
  • Preparedness
  • Approachability, availability, and the ability to listen
  • Honesty with diplomacy
  • Objectivity and fairness
  • Willingness to learn
  • Compassion and genuineness
  • Mentors Encourage You To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Mentors Treat Others Respectfully
  • Mentors Are Experts In Their Field
  • Offer constructive criticism
  • Practice empathy
  • Let your mentee make decisions.

Do YOU want to Inspire and Give Back to your community by becoming a Piloxing MENTOR?


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