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The workout

The classic barre workout with a modern twist, this program takes traditional ballet moves and throws in pilates and boxing. Actually, we didn’t quite throw them in as much as we noticed that some people really like the stability, lengthening, and muscle control of ballet, but they prefer a little more action in their workouts. And so, Barre was (re)conceived. This game-changing program still takes place at the barre, but shifts between the slow leg work that improves balance, leans muscles, and strengthens joints, and the intense arm work that that builds strong arms and shoulders, increases power, and gets your heart pumping. It’s not the barre workout you heard about, it’s the one you can’t wait to talk about.

The benefits

We are so excited about this program that we got a little ahead of ourselves and introduced lots of benefits already. But there’s even more! Ballet has long been known to be one of the most athletic endeavors out there. It looks easy, but it’s a wolf in a tutu. Very few workouts somehow keep finding new muscles in strange places like barre work, especially in combination with pilates, another muscle-finding expert. But at the same time, it manages to be very gentle and low-impact on your body. There’s nothing low about the long-term positive impact though - strong, healthy, muscle-supported joints are crucial to a lifetime of pain-free ease of movement, and there are hundreds of them in our bodies. Therefore, Barre is not only an investment in your heart, your strength, and your flexibility, it’s also - and most importantly - an investment in your future.