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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first annual PILOXING Gives MONTH! This November, we are dedicated an entire month to GIVING - or as Maya Angelou says in the above video, to:
'Be a rainbow in someone's cloud...' 🙌💖
Our instructors inspire people daily around the world. Now, we hope to inspire you to use this month as an opportunity to get involved with your local communities - to find people or areas that are in need of some help, some joy or some time, and be their rainbow. We will also take time to highlight the amazing work that so many are already doing across the globe. 
You may remember our 2015 PILOXING of HOPE event. With the leadership and organization efforts of our HQ Team Member, Mia Bjorkroos (Smith :)). Together we, our global Piloxing community, we raised over $40,000 for Childhood Cancer Research!
Over the years, we have had local superstars hosting their own events supporting their local communities in times of need, and year round for the countless lives who live in need. From Rasidah Caudal's 'PILOXING Cares Singapore', to Marcelle Gharios' Beirut Fundraiser, to Tania Ndlovu's 'Africa Needs Angels' event, and countless more! It is time we start highlighting these amazing efforts, and help inspire and support our community with a 'how-to' on hosting your own events! 
That's why we are announcing November as our official PILOXING Gives Month - a month of giving, caring, volunteering, being rainbows. We hope that you will join us!
Check out our IG LIVE and read more about some of our local SuperStars Stories below!


What are you interested in?
| HOST an Event (instructors) |
| SUPPORT an Event (instructors & participants) |


Part of our Piloxing® Gives initiative is to help support and motivate our instructor community to get involved and host their own charity events. As instructors we have a very powerful platform to engage our local communities to come together and support those in need.
Our team have put together a few simple steps on how you as an instructor can plan and host your own PILOXING Gives Events! There are no right or wrong ways to do this, but we wanted to share some of the learnings from those who've already hosted their event, a few "what to think about" tips! Once you have confirmed your event date please let us know about it so that we can help sharing it with our community!


If you are planning an event or already submitted it to us - join our Whatsapp group to connect with your fellow PILOXING instructors around the world! It is a great way to get some new tips, new inspiration and just to support the PILOXING GIVES community!



When planning your event make sure to take your local region in consideration, and remember, no event is too small! We have put together a few simple steps below to help you in your planning!
  1. Identify the recipients of your event: who and where in your local community can you support? It could be an individual in need or a larger group, or you might simple donate funds to already established non-for profit organizations!
  2. Who is your team?  You could team up with other local PILOXING instructors, instructor colleagues at your gym, or maybe it is just you and your PILOXING class participants! Remember - no event is too small!!
  3. What are you collecting / donating? First decide if you want to raise funds OR collect items to distribute to your recipients! You should consider what will serve your recipients the best and what work logistically for your event. The options are endless!
  4. Who are you asking for donations? Many of our instructors are involving their PILOXING class participants, volunteers and friends, asking them to donate funds or the items in need! Get your local community involved - maybe it is the members of the gym you teach at?
Below are a few preparation Steps to make your event happen?

Create a poster that you can share at your gym or after your classes - printed posters are great for in-person meeting, but also make sure to create a digital version that can be shared on social media, in emails and over texts!
Canva.com is an excellent free online program where you can prepare digital flyers and post as well as flyer for print!

We suggest that you hold a master class to get your community involved and give them an opportunity to make their donations whether it is funds or items. Make sure to include class AND donation information on the flyer! 
How to take class registrations:
1) Eventbrite.com is an excellent platform to use for both virtual and in-person event to take registrations and payments/donations
2) If you are holding a virtual event the zoom.com platform offers the ability to create an event and take registrations! 
How to collect donations (money)
1) Gofundme.com is a great platform to use for donations! 

Shared your flyers and posts with class participants, family and friends.
NOTE make sure to clearly include how to donate (include the link) and how to register to the class (if applicable)

Submit your event information HERE so that we can share it with our community as well!
Make sure to tag @piloxing and hashtag #piloxing #piloxinggives in all your posts so that we can easily share it with our community as well!

After the event you will transfer the donated funds to the recipient(s) / organization. You may want to consider to do it in person (if possible) so that you can take picture to share with your community that supported and donated to your event!
Sharing the final results: funds raised, pictures of the receiving your donations etc, will help your community connect with the cause and hopefully support you again during your next event! Also please share this information with us HERE so that we can create a blog post about your event on our Piloxing Gives blog - your efforts will help inspire others to be rainbows in THEIR local communities 💕