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Right now we are experiencing a historic movement for racial justice, equity and representation globally. This movement has provided an opportunity to effect change in every industry, every workplace, on the streets and in our homes. It has allowed for all of us to take a long, hard look at ourselves, our company cultures, and to start meaningful conversations. As a product of those conversations, LES MILLS, POUND and PILOXING have joined forces in an effort to continue this work on a greater scale.

We believe that we have not done enough, that our industry has not done enough, and that it is time for meaningful, continual and irreversible change. As individual brands, we are committed to; continually educating ourselves and our teams, listening to our communities, creating equity and diverse representation within our teams, amplifying marginalized voices to our audiences and importantly, increasing opportunities for communities historically excluded from just that – opportunity.

As a collective, we are committed to deconstructing systems of oppression within our industry – at conferences, trade shows, events and within the companies that we choose to partner with. Moving forward, we want to see the same commitments from companies and individuals that we work with and from within their businesses. We want to see change, representation, equity and to feel that everyone who is a part of our team feels welcome, included and respected when working with them. Please see our resource list of educational tools to aid in this endeavor. We encourage you to be part of the movement and conversation for change, and ask that you share your commitments and action plan for racial equity within your organizations.


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