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Lesley Meehling-Baker


Hello Piloxing peeps my name is Lesley MeehlingBaker and I am a West Virginia born and raised hillbilly lol no shame I have been instructing Piloxing for a what feels like a loooooonnnnnng time now Got my certification in May 2014 and have been SSP ever since Piloxing was one of my very first instructor certifications have 6 now so I have lots of love for this fabulous format Not only did it help me lose 50 pounds but it also transformed my core in ways no other format ever has since I have pretty serious back issues bulging discs and was even referred to a surgeon before I found Piloxing But after some serious work and lots of practice my whole world changed I now suffer from little to NO pain all due to the amazing core strengthening this format provides I am able to lift weights and even run now which I was told I would never be able to do again Piloxing is not just a super fun way to get fit it also is a lifestyle changing program and I am a true testament to that Soooooo I took a leap of faith quit my 95pm boring job and now own my very own group fitness studio in Barboursville WV Brickhouse Cardio Club I wanted to help other people change their lifestyles and learn to live pain free if possible with the help of proper conditioning and training We offer Piloxing along with multiple other formats to appeal to all fitness levels sizes and ages including Zumba Yoga Weight Lifting HIIT workouts and more If you are in our area please stop in and say hello First class is free to try so leave your wallet at home and just come have some fun with us Maybe we can help you change your life too Check out our schedule on Facebook or our web page Hope to see you soon