Being On The Cutting Edge Of Fitness Is Good For Business!

PILOXING is quickly becoming a global fitness phenomenon because it is the first program that blends the muscle sculpting of Pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing and the fun and sensuality of dance into a high energy interval workout.

How To Become A PILOXING Instructor

The demand for PILOXING classes is very high. Register now for a PILOXING Instructor Training Workshop to become a PILOXING Instructor. In this 9-hour hands-on workshop intensive, you will learn the training methodology, concepts, principles and moves that make PILOXING such an effective, in-demand program. We will provide you with all the tools and resources you will need to successfully teach a full-length PILOXING Level One class.

All Attendees Receive:

  • PILOXING Specialty Certificate of Completion
  • PILOXING Elite Eligble
  • PILOXING Instructional DVD
  • PILOXING Instructor Training Manual
  • PILOXING Gloves
  • AFAA Trainers receive 6.25 CEU's
  • ACE Trainers receive 0.8 CEU's
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How To Become an "Elite" Instructor

Set yourself apart as an Elite Instructor by meeting the PILOXING Academy standards of excellence.

Although not required, becoming an Elite Instructor will ensure your employer and clients that you will provide the highest quality PILOXING program possible.

Once you pass, you will be designated Elite status on www.piloxing.com.

To apply for Elite status please follow these steps:

1. Become a PILOXING Instructor

2. Become a PIA -PILOXING Instructor Association Member. Download Application

3. Submit a DVD of yourself teaching a PILOXING Pink Level class

  • Film yourself teaching 20 minutes of the Main Body of a PILOXING Pink Level Class following the choreography template. Do not include warm-up, floorwork or cooldown.
  • Set-up the camera to face you directly so that your technique can be seen clearly.
  • Have at least 2 students in your class.
  • Ensure that your entire body is visible to the camera at all times.
  • Teach the class as if you would when instructing a typical class
  • Video assessment criteria: Knowledge of PILOXING Pink Level Program, Technique, Cuing and Teaching Skills, Presentation, Safety and Musicality. Assessment Evaluation

    4. Submit the one time payment of $49.99 processing fee HERE. You must log into your profile to make the purchase. Your PIA membership must be activated.

    5. Complete the application form HERE

    6. Download and complete the Elite Test HERE

    7. Send The PILOXING Academy

  • Completed application
  • Completed test
  • Proof of payment receipt
  • Completed and labeled video (name and email address)

    Send above items addressed to:
    The PILOXING Academy
    2220 W. Magnolia Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91506

    OR e-mail to pia@piloxing.com

    How to remain an active PILOXING Instructor

    The PILOXING certificate is good for 12 months from date of workshop completed. As a PILOXING Instructor you are required to keep your PILOXING skills current. When you join the PILOXING Instructor Association –PIA, your certificate remains current as long as you remain a member. PIA members receive continuing education, new choreography, Piloxing Music, marketing materials, teaching techniques and professional development tools. If you are not a PIA member and your certificate expires, you will be required to re-active your certificate by either:

    1) Attending a new PILOXING Instructor Training Workshop


    2) Passing the PILOXING instructor re-certification exam AND joining the PILOXING Instructor Association - PIA. Contact the PILOXING Academy at info@piloxing.com or 818-762-8855 to request an application. ($25 processing fee will be assessed)

    If you fail or refuse to bring your Certificate current and continue to teach PILOXING classes you will be in violation of State and Federal trade Mark law and in breach of the limited license granted to you as part of your PILOXING Certification.


    PILOXING is a fresh new workout that makes going to the gym fun again.

    PILOXING is the first program that blends the muscle sculpting of standing Pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing and the fun and sensuality of dance into a high energy interval workout. PILOXING students transform into tough and agile boxers, gracious ballerinas and hip street dancers all in one class. The fusion of these disciplines (Pilates, boxing and dance) keep the classes feeling new and fun but are all rooted in core centered technique and therefore complement each other perfectly.

    This new workout is attracting die hard followers including Hollywood celebrities and international stars and has been featured on TV shows such as ET! and The Insider and in magazines including Shape, Fitness Magazine, Redbook, Elle, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, OK!, People, and US Weekly.

    PILOXING is Cutting Edge.

    PILOXING is so effective because it is based on the most current science in fitness and weight loss. PILOXING classes are structured into an interval format because the most recent studies show that interval training burns the most calories and is the most effective method of improving cardiovascular health. The PILOXING program also encourages barefoot training because researchers have found that by simply taking our shoes off while we workout we can vastly improve posture, balance stamina and prevent injuries.

    The PILOXING Instructor Association (PIA) Allows Every Instructor to be a Star by Providing Constant Support and Development.

    PIA members are a close community in constant contact with the creator of PILOXING and each other. Members receive continuing education, new choreography, Piloxing Music, marketing materials, teaching techniques, professional development tools and much more.

    No Cost to Health Clubs.

    The PILOXING program does not charge any licensing fees to health clubs and fitness facilities. In stead, through the PILOXING Instructor Association (PIA), we educate and support committed and professional instructors and provide them with all of the tools and resources they need to teach and market the PILOXING program.

    The PILOXING program devotes a lot of time, energy and money to teaching marketing techniques to its instructors and on marketing and media campaigns all of which are aimed to keep your classes packed. Also, when you hire a PILOXING instructor who is a member of PIA or one of your instructors joins PIA we will list your facility name and address on our website thereby driving new traffic to your facility. Therefore, health clubs do not need to spend any money on licensing fees or marketing.

    Furthermore, the PILOXING program does not require any new equipment. Although many PILOXING students choose to use the PILOXING weighted gloves to enhance their experience in class they are not required and the program is very effective without gloves. Should your members decide that they want to purchase PILOXING gloves they are available for purchase from instructors who are members of PIA or our website.

    The Successful PILOXING Launch

    A successful PILOXING launch requires at least six weeks of preparation. The purpose of these six weeks is to Educate everyone (managers, front desk staff, members, all group fitness, personal training, sales and nutrition staff) about PILOXING; Establish yourself as the PILOXING instructor and build excitement for the program and for your class.