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That's right, PILOXING is coming to your living room with our new LIVE VIRTUAL Instructor Trainings. No need to wake up early, travel, get a hotel room, even leave your house - because we are saving you some cash and coming to YOU.

Yeah, that's cool and all, but you prefer humans? Wanna reach out and touch someone?

We get it. That's why we are going LIVE! Your Virtual training will be interactive, live-streamed from our Los Angeles Headquarters with one of our HQ PROS. You know, the ones in the videos. We will see you and interact with you through every step of the day answering questions, correcting form and giving a virtual smack on the bum if you're slacking because YOU CAN'T HIDE. And yes, that means you need a computer with a camera and audio, and the old trusty WI-FI.


About our Virtual Instructor Trainings

Our Certified PILOXING® Instructors inspire participants around the world with safe, effective and FUN classes that keep clients coming back for more - and it all begins with our PILOXING® Instructor Certification. This comprehensive program provides fitness professionals with the practical knowledge and skills to become a dynamic PILOXING SSP Instructor. 


  1. REGISTER! Learn from our PILOXING HQ Team from the comfort of your own home!
  2. WAKE UP & LOG IN! No need to travel—get a complete 9 hour PILOXING Instructor Training at your fingertips.
  3. COMPLETE! As long as you are present for the full training, you will receive your PILOXING Instructor Certificate. Then stay logged in, start your practicing and you will be ready to launch your PILOXING classes in no time!

*The instructor training will be delivered in English by the Piloxing Academy Headquarter Team! Please note: The training will be conducted from Los Angeles, CA and will be from 8am-5pm PST. If you are in a different time zone than Los Angeles, please be aware of the training hours before registering. This is an ONLINE training utilizing All registrants will receive information prior to the training day on how to access the training. Instructions on how to join a zoom meeting!

Upon completion, we’ll give you some stuff to get you started, and we’ll also ask you to sign up for the Piloxing Instructor Association (PIA), our continued education program for certified instructors. But let’s get back to the stuff you’ll get, because everyone loves goodies, and we love showing our instructors how much we appreciate them. Here’s the package that we’ve put together for you so you can start teaching classes right away:

  • One-year license to teach the Piloxing® program you are certified for
  • NASM: 0.8 CEUs
  • AFAA: 8.0 CEUs
  • ACE Instructors receive 0.8 CEU's
  • 0.5 lb. weighted Piloxing gloves for optimal sculpting of the arms, shoulders, and chest

  • Piloxing music, digital Instructor Training choreography, and a how-to manual
  • Official certificate establishing your status as a licensed instructor
  • Eligibility to join PIA (Piloxing Instructor Association) for continuing education and even more goodies



December 14 - PILOXING Barre

December 15 - PILOXING SSP

January 25th - The MIX by PILOXING (registration will open soon)

more trainings will be added!