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Is it required to be a PIA member?

No, you are not required to be a PIA member, but it is highly recommended if you are planning on teaching!

You have the option to join or Piloxing Instructor Association (PIA) anytime after having completed a Piloxing Instructor Training workshop. This is an optional membership program, but we highly recommend you to be a member if you are planning on teaching.

PIA membership does not only give you the license to use our PILOXING trademark when advertising your classes. It is also your continuing education program providing you with new choreography, new music and many other benefits that will increase the success of your classes!

PIA membership also provide you with access to special discounts on our merchandise and our Piloxing tools such as gloves and socks. This is a great way for you to generate additional revenue from your classes!

PIA membership is an individual license and cannot be shared with other instructors.