Instructor Training Workshop

Limited License Information

Participants who attend and complete the Instructor Training Workshop will receive PILOXING Certificate of Completion. The certificate grants you the non transferable right to teach PILOXING classes for up to one year (12 months from the date of workshop) and use the word PILOXING® on your individual class schedules. You are not permitted to represent PILOXING in the press without prior written approval by the PILOXING Academy and may not teach or present PILOXING at a conference or convention where continuing education credits are offered.

Upon completion of the workshop you will be eligible to join the PILOXING Instructor Association (PIA). PIA membership benefits include PILOXING Workshop discounts, marketing materials and tools, discounted PILOXING Gear, TM and much more. Your membership also allows you to teach PILOXING classes for a lifetime so long as you remain a PIA member. In addition you will be granted a limited license to use PILOXING trademarks and logos.

Location and Date Transfers

If you are unable to attend the Instructor Training Workshop that you registered for, you have one year (12 months) from the date you submitted your registration form (for the original instructor training) to transfer your fees to another instructor training (if space is available) by contacting us at Please note that you cannot transfer your fees to another person. A $20 USD (subject to change) processing fee will be charged at the time of the transfer and you will incur any applicable increases in price. No credits or refunds will be issued if more than 12 months have passed since your original registration.

Cancellation Policies

If you cancel your registration within 30 days of the Instructor Training Workshop date, you may receive a refund upon written request. Please submit refund requests to A $50 processing fee will apply. PILOXING, LLC may cancel due to circumstances beyond its control such as illness or accident of the PILOXING Master Trainer, travel cancellations beyond our control or low enrollment. In that event, you will not be charged a processing fee for a date or location transfer or you may opt to receive a full refund of the cost of the workshop that was canceled. However, in no event will PILOXING, LLC be responsible for travel expenses or losses resulted from the cancellation of the workshop.

Severe Weather Policy

PILOXING, LLC and the workshop host facility may, in their sole discretion, decide to cancel a workshop due to severe weather conditions. If a workshop is canceled, the participants will be notified at the earliest possible time prior to the workshop and informed about their options relating to transfers and refunds. Participants should not take any risks to their safety to attend the workshop. In no event will PILOXING, LLC be held responsible for travel expenses incurred or lost due to severe weather conditions.

Age Requirements

Minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

How to remain an active PILOXING Instructor

The PILOXING certificate is good for 12 months from date of workshop completed. As a PILOIXNG Instructor you are required to keep your PILOXING skills current. When you join the PILOXING Instructor Association –PIA (link to “membership program” page) your certificate remains current as long as you remain a member. PIA members receive continuing education, new choreography, Piloxing Music, marketing materials, teaching techniques and professional development tools. If you are not a PIA member and your certificate expires, you will be required to re-active your certificate by either:

1) Attending a new PILOXING Instructor Training Workshop


2) Passing the PILOXING instructor re-certification exam AND joining the PILOXING Instructor Association - PIA. Contact the PILOXING Academy at or 818-762-8855 to request an application. ($25 processing fee will be assessed)

If you fail or refuse to bring your Certificate current and continue to teach PILOXING classes you will be in violation of State and Federal trade Mark law and in breach of the limited license granted to you as part of your PILOXING Certification.